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Ideal for people who want to take their game to the limits.
  • All beginner plans +
  • 1-on-1 chat with coaches
    VIP-Tournament access
  • Coaching schema
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"Since I used Prostreamers, my gaming skills have increased by 200 percent. My strategy has improved and it shows in the game. I am now placed in Tournament!"

Peter Jackson

"I have learned so much after registering. It's worth every penny."

Dennis Ofer

"What can I say? Incredible. I learn from the game coaches who give me the best tips and strategy for my favorite games, Dota 2 and League of Legends".

Sandra Falls

Highlights of the feature

Video Coaching

Video coaching Master class over all the biggest matches in esports

Coaching Series

Get instant access to game coaching with series updates.

Video Categories

Support for vlogs, screenplays, video podcasts and text categories.

Private Access

1-on-1 chat with coaches and access to private chat message

Turner Invitations

Access to exclusive esport tournaments to test your new skills.

Live Calendar

See all upcoming coaching meetings and tournament invitations.


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What type of video coaching do I get?

We provide coaching over vlogs, screenplays, video podcasts and text! Our elite coaches are top class and can help you take your game to the next level.

What is the focus of coaching?

We have three main goals for esport coaching:
1. To understand the game better
2. Learning strategies
3.Fix mistakes

What do I get more?

With a membership, you also get to participate in 1-on-1 coaching and our user group.

Who can I contact for support?

You can contact us via our website for help with Prostreamers.

How can I cancel?

If you want to cancel your membership, you simply unsubscribe via the payment channel. Contact us if you have any problems.